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Dr Kazuo Sakurai
D.D.S. (Japan), PhD Endodontics

Dr Kazuo Sakurai graduated from National Tokyo Medical and Dental University in 1994 with a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS). He took his specialist degree in endodontics, completing with a PhD in 1998. Before coming to Singapore, he had practiced in Japan for 10 years.

Dr Sakurai has been with Ko Djeng since 2001, his practice includes the full range of dentistry, from paediatric dental treatment to dental implantology aside from his specialty of endodontics.

Current restorative materials now provide the option of having long lasting, safe and yet very aesthetic fillings with a near perfect match to the shade of one's teeth.

Allow us to give you a brighter smile with cosmetic procedures like whitening, porcelain veneers and bonding of tooth jewels.

Bleeding gums while tooth brushing indicates the presence of gingivitis, an easily treated gum condition. Take care of your gum health and thence the health of your dentition with regular scaling and polishing appointments.